DAVID T. STONE – owner

David - white transparentI started playing the violin before I had turned 8 years old. My first experiences as a young child was with a wonderful violin shop in Oakland whose business had not changed location since 1911. The old-world flavor, rare things, and dust were incredible to me. The opportunity to see chitarrones, hurdy-gurdies, gambas, instruments and bows was amazing, and to this day I remember the magic and intrigue that that shop offered and how it touched my life. The proprietors of that business were very old school, genuine in their desire to offer their best and to help their clientele. I did not understand the impact that this shop had on me until much later.

In 1969, turning 18, I was given an apprenticeship with Cremona Musical Instruments in San Francisco, where I shared benches with the such makers as Boyd Paulsen and Wilhelm Kauffaumer. In 1974 I was invited to join the firm of Hans Weisshaar and Son, Inc. in Los Angeles. During my almost ten year tenure with the firm, I became the director of the corporation for Hans Weisshaar and had the pleasure and opportunity to have worked with many of the top contemporary makers, restorers and musicians of the time. Feeling a need to broaden my horizons, I moved to Seattle to open a shop of my own in 1984. Since then David T. Stone Violins has employed many respected makers, with a strong emphasis on bowmaking, restoration, sales and the training of the next generation of makers and repairmen.

It has been my ongoing desire to offer a comfortable and approachable atmosphere, while retaining a high level of professionalism for our customers. It is my philosophy that music is a gift that needs to be enriched and shared, regardless of playing level. Whether buying a beginning level instrument for a four year old or purchasing the finest Stradivari, I strive to treat all with a high level of respect in my shop. I am humbled to be involved in such a historically rich tradition.